Business Blogging – Why and How to do it?

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Why is Business Blogging Important?

Blogging is a cheap, easy and reliable way to promote your company/brand to attract  customers and followers. Blogging is simple. All you need to do is make a presentable document filled with information on anything you feel will be of value to your customers. This could be offers that are currently available from your company or news that you want to share. The key thing about a blog is that it’s yours.

Blogging is personal and it gives a friendly touch to your customers that could attract users in. You can post what you want, when you want, a blog gives you freedom. Blogs are cost effective, Digital Now can add a blog to your existing site, or create a brand new website for your business. Then it is extremely easy for you to update the blog yourself on a regular basis. We can also provide training on anything regarding your new blog/website.

Blogging allows further promotion of your company thanks to social media. Blogs you create can be shared by other users on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn allowing more users to be alerted of your company helping you to create a social media following.

An active blog that is updated frequently alerts search engines like Bing and Google that your site is active which means you will have higher listings in search results which should hopefully translate to more visitors on your site.

Writing  your Business Blog

Writing a blog can seem tricky at first as you never know the best way to start or what to write about but here are a few things to consider:

Key Factors

Headings and Starters are CRUCIAL. Statistics show that 80% of blog viewers judge that blog by the title or start of it. This means you need to have a captivating start to the blog to get people interested otherwise your blog has little purpose. Make it stand out from other blogs. There are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there on the web. You need to make sure your blog stands out from the rest. Include your brand (logos, slogans and images) make it personal and make it what you want it to be. Blogs are much more personal than other advertising techniques so make it how you want it. Think about what you would want to see on a blog that you were reading.

Also To Include

Clearly state what your company is and what you can offer. Blogging is an easy way to keep customers and followers aware of what’s going on, but it also is a huge advertising strategy. If you write frequently about what your company does, then it’s a great way for new people looking at your blog to know what your business offers them.

Simplicity–  Dont over complicate your blog. Try and keep your blog simple but effective. Dont have excessive text and media on your blog posts as it may be overwhelming. However you want to include a reasonable amount of media and text in your blog. Within that include key information that states basics.  A blog post that isnt overcomplicated means people are more likely to stick with it. Also if you dont include all the details the customer may want to know more and will visit your webpage.

Finishing touches. Good blogs are let down by silly errors like missing capital letters and spelling mistakes. You may have a slightly informal friendly tone in your blog, however you still need to maintain professionalism at all times.

If you have any questions about business blogging or want us to help you start your own blog or website, contact us now.

Take a look at Digital Now’s blog for some ideas.

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